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At American Tax & Insurance Services we help our clients try to avoid unnecessary risk with their retirement assets. We will help you to protect your hard-earned retirement assets in today’s market conditions and provide you with the income you need, with potential income tax saving advantages. Also, we will look ahead to help protect you from the unexpected. Our goal is for you to not worry about your money, so you can enjoy your retirement years.

Once your goals have been established, we will customize and formulate appropriate strategies to suit your vision and objectives.

To help our clients have the future lifestyle of their dreams, we provide those prior to retirement or already retired with a community business that really cares about protecting their assets.  We will take the time to determine your individual goals and needs, to help provide you with a retirement free of worry.

We can help you execute a sound financial program utilizing the following products and services:

  • Estate Planning Tools*
  • Wealth Transfer Planning
  • Inheritance Tax Planning
  • Charitable Planning
  • Retirement Income Planning
  • IRA & 401(k) Exit Planning
  • Current Insurance Policy Analysis
  • Premium Finance
  • IRA & 401(k) Rollovers
  • Asset Protection & Wealth Preservation


*Agent does not give tax or legal advice. Agent is an insurance professional and does not render legal or tax advice. State laws vary widely but may provide life insurance and annuities with certain asset protection benefits. Clients should consult their own legal and tax advisors before implementing any plan.

We’re looking forward to using our expertise to help you pursue your financial goals.

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